Efficiently Cutting Lettuce

Cutting lettuce is often a difficult process. How do you wash it? How do you get bite-sized pieces? Is there a way to cut it efficiently?

Here is one way I learned to cut lettuce while working in the food industry while during my college years.

Step 1: Collect one head of lettuce, a chopping board, and a sharp kitchen knife.

Step 2: Cut off the base of the lettuce head like a triangle. This more accurately removes the less nutritious, flavorful, and hard inner leaves.IMG_1952

Step 3: Wash the lettuce by placing the head under the faucet and letting the water run up from the base through the leaves. Try to keep the head together as one piece.IMG_1954

Step 3: Cut the head lengthwise down the center. Holding the head together, turn the head 90* as shown below and cut lengthwise again, creating a crossway cut like a cross.IMG_1955

Step 4: Holding the lettuce head down and together, start chopping the head from one end and continue until the whole head is chopped.img_1957.jpg

Step 5: Pack into your mason jars, salad sack, or a Tupperware. Enjoy!IMG_1958

If you grow your own lettuce on a Tower Garden, this technique may be difficult unless you harvest the whole plant at once.

If you have tips, techniques, or another way you like to cut lettuce, please share in the comments below! I would love to learn!


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