Perfectly Dicing an Onion

Onions are no fun to cut. They make people cry with their intoxicating aroma. But, if you’re like me, I love onions on my salads and in many other dishes. While growing up, our family helped cook meals once or twice a month for a recovery program at our church. We often made tacos and I always volunteered to dice the onions. There is some satisfaction in taking the job nobody wants and learning how to do it effectively and then to feel like you bring value to the team. I did this with onions.

After a few months of studying and trying my hand at dicing the onion, I came up with this system as very effective:

1.) Grab your onion, a cutting board, and a sharp knife.img_1978.jpg

2.) Cut the ends off and peel off the outer layer of the onion.img_1979.jpg

3.) Cut the onion in half from the top as shown.img_1980.jpg

4.) Slice the onion into a bunch of ‘rainbows’ as shown.img_1981.jpg

5.) Now turn the onion and cut in the other direction, creating perfectly diced pieces of onion. As you get to the end of the onion, the onion will become taller than the length of its base.IMG_1982

6.)  Lay it over with the knife as support and continue chopping as shown.img_1984.jpg

7.) Enjoy your perfectly diced onion on tacos, salads, or any other favorite dish of yours!img_1985.jpg

I hope you found this tutorial helpful! If you have found a good way to cut onions or have other tips, let me know in the comments! I would love to know!


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